Beekeeping promotes biological diversity as bees pollinate very efficiently the nearby plants.  It has been estimated that various bee species pollinate as much as 75-85 % of all the plants in the world. Thus, without bees world’s food production would be in serious troubles.  There are approximately 190 wild bee species in Finland. Honey is a natural product made by European honey bees (Apis mellifera) from flower nectar.

We acquired our first bee hives in spring 2015. There are various number of hives at home and some in an organic farm nearby.  Our bees are common Italian honey bees, commonly kept in Finland. All our beequeens are finnish.

The worker bees forage very efficiently the nearby flowering plants in Hembacka.  It is important that there are good nectar bearing plants nearby in case of poor flying conditions.

Most of the honey is sold directly from Hembacka. Part of annual harvest is extracted in midsummer in June, but the main harvest is in August.  After extraction the honey is cleared. Most of the harvest is then creamed or whipped in order to prevent the formation of larger crystals and to make honey smooth and easily spreadable. The honey is sold in plastic jars of 450 grams or bigger ones if requested.